St Marys Booterstown

A Word from the Principal

Welcome to St. Mary's Boys' National School.

This website has been put together with you and your son in mind. In it you will find details on all aspects of the school - from school rules to parent participation. Please take time to read it carefully and to discuss relevant parts with your son.


Originally founded in 1852, St. Mary's strives to maintain open and honest communication between parents and teachers at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, or need more information about any area of school life, always feel free to contact your son's classroom teacher to arrange a meeting, or telephone the school office to arrange for an appointment with the principal.


Newcomers to the school will have an exciting year ahead. Junior Infants, in particular, will have their first experience of a regular school schedule. All pupils have the advantage of joining a closely-knit community whose small size allows us to get to know each boy as an individual. We hope that your son will feel the same way about the school. The Junior Infants will be so busy in their class that it is doubtful that they will have too much time to dwell on feelings of being separated from home, but it is important to acknowledge such feelings if they arise.


Our Parents' Association is extremely supportive, not only in terms of fund-raising but also in organising social and educational events during the course of the year. Co-operation is fostered between parents, teachers and management. We would urge you to get involved in your Parents' Association as it is a rewarding experience.


In closing, I would like to put forward a few practical suggestions. Watch out for the regular website updates which also contain information about current events throughout the school year.


Once again, on behalf of the Board of Management and of the Staff, I extend a warm welcome to new and returning St. Mary's families for the coming school year. I look forward to continued contact and communication with all of you.




Robert B. O'Connor