St Marys Booterstown

The Curriculum

Lessons in environmental studies, nature walks, and class trips, make the children aware of their rich environmental, historical, and cultural heritage. Library skills are taught to give pupils the tools needed to locate, organise and use information.

Art classes implement a curriculum which aims to give each pupil an applicable knowledge in the visual fundamentals - line, shape, colour. Music classes seek to develop an appreciation of music. Instruction is provided in the fundamentals of music. Pupils sing songs in Irish and English. The physical education curriculum aims to see the child progressively develop co-ordination, body management, and physical skills. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop the concepts of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship and are encouraged to "manage" the spirit of competition.

ICT skills are also fostered in our fully networked computer room, and networked classrooms. Computer Room use is time-tabled, and classes follow a structured programme. Each computer has broadband access, which is filtered.

Religious education takes place in all classes every day. Pupils take part in prayer services, pray each day, and are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation. The School Chaplain, Fr. Behan, visits the classes regularly, and organises meetings for parents of boys receiving the sacraments, and ensures that the children are made aware of the presence of God in their lives.

The schools curriculum is determined by the Minsister for Education and Science who is advised by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.