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         Saint Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul activity in St. Mary's                   

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is the largest voluntary charitable organisation of social concern, justice and action in Ireland.
Here at St. Mary's we carried out a Christmas Food Appeal for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP). There was a wonderful generous response from the boys and their families. All the food collected was very much appreciated and was distributed to families in need in the run up to Christmas. It was a very positive way of helping those in need in our area and in surrounding areas of need. We believe that it also has helped raise the boys' awareness of reaching out to help others who are not as fortunate to have what they have. Sincere thanks to the boys and their families for their wonderful kindness in sharing with others.

Some of the boys also made very special Christmas cards for those who are lonely- with lovely drawings and positive messages and also a few funny jokes to cheer them up ! These cards were distributed by the local members of the SVP Booterstown Conference to some lonely people they visit and it was wonderful to hear of their joy in receiving the cards. Well done boys :-)

The SVP Youth Development Officer, Deirdre Walsh was invited to attend St. Mary's School Assembly on Friday 14th February to talk to the boys to tell them about the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She met with pupils from 3rd to 6th class at the Assembly and explained how the SVP help people who are in need in Ireland. She thanked them for their generosity with the Christmas Food Appeal and also did an interactive activity with the boys about coming up with ideas for a new project. It was a very interesting session for the boys and great for them to have the opportunity to hear about the work of the SVP to help raise their social awareness.

Links with SVP Conference in Booterstown

There are close links between our School Principal, Robert O' Connor and the local SVP Conference in Booterstown. The aim of the SVP Conference in Booterstown is to reach out and offer a hand of friendship, compassion and support to those experiencing difficulties to help get people back on their feet and back on track and to bring hope for their future.
Help is provided to clients with everything from basic assistance like food, fuel, utility bills to support with education, training and medical bills.

If there is anyone who needs help or knows someone who needs help, the SVP are here to help.
There are different ways to make contact:
1) by approaching the priests of the parish
2) by contacting the parish sectary
3) by contacting SVP head office on 01-8552222.
All requests will be treated with the strictest confidentiality


Barbara Fitzgerald (Parent)


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St. Mary’s BNS:  Our support of charities.


 “ May I live this day, compassionate of heart, clear in word,

   gracious in awareness, Courageous in thought,   generous in love”        

  ( from “Matins” by John O’ Donohue)


St. Mary’s Boys National School is proud of its long tradition in supporting local, national and international charities. In  the past years, we have donated monies

 to  the Special Olympics, Crumlin Hospital,   Temple Street Hospital,  Bothar,  GOAL  and Hospice charities.


Each school term we concentrate  on one main charity.   In the first term, traditionally, we have donated filled shoeboxes to  the Team Hope charity to  support needy children and their families worldwide.   The concept  of one child filling a box with toys, books, clothes, etc celebrates the principles of compassion, generosity and love: one child giving a gift to another.  It empowers the children to see that their actions can make an enormous difference in the lives of others. This year, the school collected  a record 204 boxes: heartfelt thanks to all  our  pupils  and their parents/guardians for their enormous generosity and support.



In the second school  term, Trocaire  boxes from our local church  are distributed  to the pupils at the beginning of Lent: children are encouraged to place any monies saved from the non-eating of sweets etc into the boxes, which are then returned to the school before Easter.

We also sell badges  to support the work  of  GOAL, an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor.



Finally, our third term  sees some cuddly dogs come to school for a day!

As part of the “Shades for a Day” event, we invite volunteers from “The Irish Guide Dogs” to visit the school with a guide dog and to share with the children some interesting facts about the training of these very special dogs.  The children learn that it costs about 35,000 euro to train one dog: by buying the “Shades” badges, our pupils can donate to this very worthy cause.



To all of our pupils, from those who’ve made and sold cds for Crumlin Hospital to those who’ve donated their Communion and Confirmation money to charity, we say, you are indeed:


 “ Compassionate   of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness,                courageous in thought ,  generous in love”


Ms. Spelman

Special Education Needs Teacher                                                    Assistant Principal