St Marys Booterstown

Book Week

World Book Week was a great success. There were author visits, competitions and everyone had great fun! Each class participated with great enthusiasm in a variety of  engaging and entertaining events such as, Story Craft, Design a Book Token and a collective DEAR time. Mr O'Connor enjoyed starting his day listening to boys from different classes reading aloud to him. He was delighted to be able to award them all with a much coveted 'I Read to the Principal' bookmark - as the fluency and quality of their reading was excellent. Well done boys! We rounded off the week with 'The Bumper Book Quiz,' and some boys from Fourth Class sang a rousing rendition of the World Book Week anthem 2017! We recorded a snapshot of the week's events in pictures. 


IMG_3274.JPGIMG_3276.JPGIMG_3273.JPGIMG_3300.JPGJunior_infants_Ms_P__Mr_H_4.jpgJunior_infants_Ms_P__Mr_H_3.jpgJunior_infants_Ms_P__Mr_H.jpgIMG_3298.JPGIMG_3281.JPGJunior_infants_Ms_Phillips.jpgJunior_infants_Ms_P__Mr_H_2.jpgderval.JPGIMG_3296.JPGIMG 0135IMG 0143 1IMG 0549 1IMG 0541IMAG0899.jpgIMAG0897.jpgIMAG0869.jpgIMAG0865.jpgIMAG0871.jpgIMAG0895.jpg