St Marys Booterstown

Planet Protectors

Introducing  our  Planet  Protectors

Sionnach       Fiadh      Broc     Gráinneog

These furry friends are here to remind us to care for our planet.

They agree that you are small as are they, but that everyone can

and has a responsibility to look after the planet. They are happily

going to your homes with a list of actions you can do together to

mind the planet. Read the letter below to learn more:


Dear Fellow Planeteers,


I am but a soft toy but have an important job to remind you of how much we can care for our wonderful planet together.

Here are a few ideas of what we could do together in your home:

-          We can turn off lights not needed to save energy.

-          We can turn off the tap when we are brushing your teeth and turn it back on to rinse.

-          We can recycle paper and cardboard in the correct bin, put waste food in the compost bin and any other waste in the general bin.

-          We can talk to Mammy and Daddy to see if there is space in the garden to plant a small tree, shrub or some flowers and come up with an action plan.

-          We could see if there is any stray rubbish on our road, green or street and pick it up to make our community more beautiful.

-          We could play together in nature instead of staying in to watch television or play computer games.

-          We can walk, scoot or bike together to where you need to go, instead of using the car.

-          Let’s use canvas bags or used bags when shopping.

-          Let’s put a rock on the top of the green bin to stop the wind blowing rubbish about.

By doing any or all of the above, you will be positively contributing to the care and repair of our planet.

Go raibh maith agat,

Planet Protector