St Marys Booterstown

Ms. Cartwright's 1st Class

First Class

  Our teacher will put any new information up on this page along with lots of photos of everything we are learning. 


Our tracksuit days are Tuesday for tennis and Friday for PE.



Our homework will be put up at the bottom of this page every day just in case our parents can't read the writing in our journal some day :)

We also have a checklist at the back of our journal with a list of all our books and the abbreviations we use when taking down our homework in case we forget. The boys have been learning how to tick this list when packing up their homework folder. They are going to show you how we do this when they are packing up after doing their homework this week.

The log in details for the websites we use are also on the bottom of the checklist in case we forget our book.

If you go to Folensonline and put in the passwords from our journal you can also practice what we are learning in Maths and Irish by playing some of the games that we play in school.


Stage Readers

We all have our stage readers. All boys must work on their stage reader with parents each night. The boys will work away at their own level. I will listen to their reading in school. I listen to 5 boys each day. Please fill in the reading sheet with the pages read each night and keep it in our shared reading folder.

It is very important that the boys read aloud so that they can hear themselves sounding out the words. This will also improve his speed and fluency of reading.

Please ensure that you ask your son questions about the pages he is reading to ensure he understands the text and the meaning of any difficult words. Encourage himto make predictions about the story. This will further increase his comprehension levels.

SRA Lab (Blue Reading Box)

We use our blue reading box to read different types of stories and texts and to answer questions. The box is full of cards. We all did a test to see what level we should start on. It is our challenge to try and complete as many levels as we can. There are ten cards in each level. we love this because every boy gets to work at his own level but our reading is really improving with every card we do. If we finish our work early we can take a card from the box or work on our Brain Gym challenges in our Activity Folder.



We are learning new numbers this year.  We use matchsticks and our mini whiteboards to help us form our new numbers. Our challenge is to find as many new ways to make our numbers using our matchsticks.




We love to do this in pairs. Every time we learn a new number our teacher gives us another matchstick. If we lose a matchstick or forget them one day then we can just use pencils from our pencilcase. It is very important that we use concrete materials to help us to understand how we form these numbers.


Sometimes we play a game with our teacher where she says a number and throws a ball to someone. If our number is 14 and she has said the number 9, then the boy who gets the ball has to say the number 5 because 9+5= 14. We really love this game.



We play tables games in groups with our teacher. So far cowboys is our favourite  because it is a quickfire tables game. We also love the tables relay race. It helps us to learn our tables each night which is very important for our Maths in first class. These games are great because we can play them at home or even in the car with our family.


Show Off Stage 


Our teacher was so impressed with some of the things we were telling her that she decided to make a show off stage in our classroom. Every Wednesday we can bring in an item to show to the class. We get up on the stage and it is our job to explain what it is or how we made it etc. It is great fun. 


We were writing newspaper articles about Aliens. We also learned the Magic E Rule- when the magic E changed the vowel from it's sound to it's name. We have been using this rule in our writing.





We use the Look, say, cover, write, check rule when we are doing our spellings. It is important that we say the word out loud. Hearing our voice saying the word helps us to remember it because we can hear the blends more clearly.


We met Author- Robert Biddulf in Dubray Books

He told us about how he had created a book all about having an imaginary friend called Kevin. we described our imaginary friends to him and we created them when we got back to school. This was Ms. Cartwright's imaginary friend. We called him Mr. Mustachio!



We have a Cúinne Gaeilge (Irish Corner) in our room. This is where we put all the new things we are learning.



 We have giant Irish books that our teacher reads to us. We love these because they repeat lots of phrases that we are learning.

We also learned a rule called 'Caol le Caol' Leathan le Leathan'. This means that when we have a broad vowel in a word, the next vowel that comes in the word will usually be broad. If the vowel is slender then the next vowel in the word will usually be slender. we know that Caol means slender and leathan means broad. We don't have to worry about this rule yet but we have been playing games to see can we see it in all the new words we are learning.



We also have a puppet called Pól who can only speak Irish. He was helping us learn our Irish. Pól likes to hide in crazy places when he is helping us learn. One day he was trying to teach us 'Istigh sa' (In the......) and 'Ar an' (On the....)..........Look where he ended up!!



Science - Sickening Slimey Snot

We were learning about our body.  Some boys said that they picked their noses so we learned why our body makes snot. The Science word for snot is mucus. It is made with a sugar water that our body makes. We decided to make our own using gelatine, water and food colouring. Take a look!!!!



Christmas Shoesbox Appeal- TEAM HOPE


We collected Christmas Shoeboxes to give to children in other countries who often don't get any presents at all for Christmas. We are used the rule of the 4 W's to help us pack our shoebox.

Something to, wear, wash with, write with and something wow!!!

We collected 278 shoeboxes this year!!!!!

This is more than we have ever collected before. Well done and thank you very much for all your help.



Shoelace Challenge

Lots of boys in our class have been asking our teacher to tie our laces for us. Because of this, she decided to set 'Shoelace Challenge' for us. We have to learn how to tie our own shoelaces all by ourselves. Once we can prove that we can do this, we will get a prize. Some boys don't have laces in their shoes so they can practice using Ms. Cartwright's wooden shoe. Practicing doing tasks like this is also really good excercise for our fingers and helps our fine motor will even help us to do neater handwriting :) 



Halloween Dress Up Day

We dressed up in super scary costumes for Halloween. We had lots of fun in school that day. Take a look at our costumes but try not to get too scared!!!!




Amhráin do Seachtain na Gaeilge

An Haka Gaelach

Léimigí Casagaí

 Click on the name of the Irish songs above to see the video



 All homework must be done in joined writing from now on please. For this reason the amount of of work has been ammended.

Obair Bhaile Dé Máirt  12/06/2018

  1. Stage Reader
  2. TLF: Finish pg 91 B 5+6
  3. Sp sheet: (Box 2)
  4. WS: side 3+4
  5. PMA: pg 26
  6. T.T :pg 66 . Test 10 

Here is the link to our drawing website. Enjoy!!!