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 Welcome Back Boys!


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               It has been a great week for me - Ms. O Dea!

I have really enjoyed meeting, and getting to know all the boys starting in Second Class. I hope we have a wonderful, happy year together, full of learning, acquiring new skills, and lots of fun in the process....! There is so much to look forward to  - and of course, this year the boys will be making their First Holy Communion.


Our first week was a busy one. We discussed our names, and why they are special to us. I loved hearing how Dylan got his name - His dad is a Bob Dylan fan! 'Henry' has been in Henry O Connor's family for a "very, very long time....."


What fabulous summer holidays you all had!

Thomas Doyle was so lucky - fishing in Marbella! One of our lovely new boys - Archie Higgins - moved to Ireland during the summer. He visited the zoo, and loved it.

We also have two other new boys - Deon and Dorian. We are delighted they have joined our class - and the rest of the boys have been so welcoming. I was very happy to see them having such fun with their new classmates in the yard.



20170910_162031 (4).jpg20170910_162009 (1).jpg

  Last week we learned about Georges Seurat. He 'invented' a new style of painting, and it was called Pointilism.............tiny dots of colour.

This is a snapshot of the boys' interpretation of the style. Their 'Sunflowers' really brighten up the classroom......


                                                                              Halloween - 'Dress up....if you dare...!







                                                    Science Week.......Our Trip to the Lexicon Library.........



 20171113 095216 1 


                       Today we travelled on the DART to the nearby Lexicon Library in Dun Laoghaire, where                           we were treated to a wonderful display of science in action!  The energetic 'Bubbleologist'

                                           demonstrated the science of bubbles. It was a terrific interactive and fascinating display,                          and the boys all got involved. The boys were very happy to assist as you can see.......!


IMG 0846



 IMG 0842                                                                             Well done Conor, Archie and Filip!!

20171222 101342

                                                             Welcome back boys!

I hope you all had a lovely and happy Christmas. 2018 is going to be a fabulous year for us all!


December was an exciting and full-on month in school. Enjoy the following photos- starting with the "Dig- It" workshop- where Stephen and Lisanne showed us how to construct a Roman Aquaduct...

20171220 094537

20171220 094746

 20171220 100316

     20171220 100320

 20171220 1010480






  •                      We had great fun making our sock snowmen...

20171221 151500

 20171221 151505

 20171222 100652

 20171222 100701




  • We completed our novel "The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark", and the boys put together their "show- stopping" array of artwork in their portrayal of "Plop", the main character.

20171222 10071120171222 101426



  • On December 22nd, we had a very very welcome visit from Santa Claus and his helpers!

20171222 112024

 20171222 112342


  • He brought us a sackful of goodies! We would like to thank Santa and the P.A. for all the games and puzzles...

20171222 113631

 20171222 113645

 20171222 113654                     

  • As you can see, we got stuck into them immediately!





  • We are all sad to see Enzo go. He has been with our class since Junior Infants. He loved his Dublin jersey, which all the boys signed.
  •  We'll miss you lots Enzo - but you'll be the best footballer in California!

20171222 115336




I would like to thank you all so much for the extremely generous Christmas presents and voucher. It's a real pleasure working with your boys. 

They have proved themselves as bright, enthusiastic and full of personality to date!

  • Please note an alteration in the school calendar: First Penance is now to be celebrated on Thursday, April 12th. 



Read: G.T. pg. 64 Unit 16.

Ma: Act. bk. pg.45A B C

C.L.:PG. 35 Srón= nose      smig=chin

Sp. List     Shared Reading




Read: Unit 16 - 

Wr: G.T Act. bk. pg. 55 A+B

Ma: wk sheet

Sp. List      C.L. cluas=ear     ceann=head  pg.35

shared Reading      €20 bring in if you're doing hurling again.