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Senior Infants - Mrs. Ballance


Welcome to Senior Infants

We have copied the style of Henri Matisse who was famous for his cut-outs!


Summer Art

We presented at Assembly on Friday.  We recited 'My Shadow' by Robert Louis Stevenson.  We sang 'Rós on Feirmeoir'.  We told the story of 'The Threee Little Pigs'.  We said 'The Hail Mary' and sang 'When Creation was Begun'.


On Thursday May 3rd, we went to Airfield.  We saw some farm animals and learned interesting facts about them  - did you know that cows have four stomachs?  We also went pond dipping.


 Niall de Búrca came to tell us stories.  He was brilliant!


The daffodils that we planted in November are now in bloom!

 March 22nd: we made structures with spaghetti and marshmallows!



Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018

Ag damhsa ar an Aoine ...



Tháinig Airneáin.  Bhí siad ar fheabhas!





On Monday February 26th, we went to Imaginosity where we became civil engineers for a short while.  We also had time to do some building,  do some shopping, dress up, cycle on exercise bikes, become doctors and even report the news!





We have been learning about toys and games now and in the past.  Mrs. Ballance showed us some of her toys from when she was young.  In PE we played a game our grandparents might've played called 'Queenie Eye Oh'



The Chinese New Year is on February 16th this year.  We made lanterns.


Spring is here at last and the Cherry blossoms are out!

Last week we learned a poem called 'The North Wind doth Blow' and this week we made robins from our handprints!

Celebrating Science Week 2017

We planted daffodil bulbs.  The lollipop sticks show where we planted them.  They will hide until spring and then we will see them flower.

Monday: A volcano erupted in our classroom!

Tuesday: This is a bottle xylophone. We will all get to have a go playing a tune on it this week.

This is a tornado in a bottle!

Thursday: How strong are eggshells? We did not believe that four shell halves could support all of our 'What a Wonderful World Books'


Friday: We 'launched' a rocket balloon today!


Our teacher used a hair dryer to make a can 'jump' from a cup into a bowl!


We also learned about our senses today and had lots of fun doing the activities at each station.







During November we remember those who have died in a special way.  This is our 'Garden of Remembrance'

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal 

November 10th - the van came to collect our shoeboxes today.


Some scary creatures turned up for school on Friday October 27th!!

 Look what we made with Lynne on Thursday!

We all helped to compose an acrostic poem about Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en is

Apple bobbing


Licking lollipops


Witches flying


Eating sweets and 


Maths Week 2017

On Wednesday we played a game called 'Standing Troll' in PE. When we were caught by the catcher we had to get the help of a rescuer to answer a sum. 

Sam Maguire came to our school today!


 On Friday we had a race to see which team could assemble a number line in the quickest time!

We had to estimate how many Lego bricks were in the tub.  Our estimates were the nearest!

We made 2d shape penguins in art!


As Hallowe'en approaches we have a colony of bats come to roost in our class!! 

Friday October 13th:  We have been learning about 2D shapes in Maths this week.  Today in PE we made shapes with our bodies!

Photos of our trip to Dubray Bookshop in Blackrock where we met Rob Bilddupph.


                                                  Kevin                       Mr Creepy

We drew picture of Kevin the day after our trip.

Art Gallery