St Marys Booterstown

Third Class - Ms. Cawley's


Obair Bhaile 11/04/18

  1. Abair Liom, pg. 110 D + E
  2. P. M. Satellite, Test Yourself, pg. 73
  3. Grow in Love, pg. 50, list 3 causes of poverty and suggest solutions to your 3 causes.
  4. X 8 tables
  5. Reading

     What I need: a ruler, a sharpener, markers, a copybook



This week the boys wrote Halloween stories and

then told their stories to the class.

Well done all you mini authors!

Spook-tastic Halloween Art!!

By Harry

By Matthew Daly

By Finn

 By Miles

Ard Rí na Seachtaine

Report Writing Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia

by Matthew Grehan

Today our main topic is Hurricane Ophelia, where three people died, one in Louth, one in Waterford and

one in Tipperary. A whole gym roof flew off into someone's garden and a plank of wood stuck through

the wall in a house and landed in the place where the man's head was ten seconds before.

Over 66,000 people have no water and 300,000 people have no electricity. The roof in Cork's stadium

fell down on the seats. Loads of branches and trees fell on the roads, leaving some roads completely

blocked off. 

Pen Licence Recipients - Scríbhneoireacht den Scóth!

Theme: The Stone Age

These students are very much enjoying imagining

what life was like in the Stone Age!

The Stone Age depicted by Eoin.

The Stone Age depicted by Jamie.

Outdoor Classroom Day 7th September 2017

Sandymount Beach escapades! 


Play time is brilliant in the shrubbery!

Fáilte aráis!

We welcomed two new students, Sam and Ronan today

and they fitted in immediately.

We are in the top prefab this year.

Tracksuit days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays until






Charity Work

Living as Jesus taught us the boys donated money to two charities,

LauraLynn and Operation Smile. Eleanor McGovern, Joseph's mother,

has worked with Operation Smile for years and was delighted to accept

the donation on behalf of the organisation. She told us about the work

they do to help children born with cleft lips and palates. Well done boys

for sharing what you have with others who need help and support. 


A glimpse of Sports Day 2017 

Bouncy Castle Fun!

First Holy Communion Class 2017

Ard Rí na Seachtaine - Mí Bealtaine


Ard Rí na Seachtaine - Mí Márta


Spring - A Busy Time for Farmers!

We are city farmers incubating eggs to hatch out hens!!

We are off to Airfield Farm today, March 22nd agus tá muid ar bís!


Famous  Author  Visits  2nd  Class  as  part  of  Book  Week  2017

Jim  Smith  is  a  funny  guy.  He  created  the  big-nosed  

character  Barry  Loser  for  our  entertainment!  

He  explained  to  the  boys  in second how  he  comes  up  

with  ideas  and  he  showed  them  how  he  illustrates.  

It  was  enthralling  listening  to  a  real  live  author  

of  a  book  we  happened  to  be  reading!

Thank  you  Mrs. Casey and Mrs.  O'Dea  for  organising  this  event.

Pancake  Tuesday  and  Book  Week  Shenanigans!


Books  reviewers!

Making  the  pancake  batter!

Tá  siad  ag  ithe pancóga!

Imitating Jim's  illustrations.


During Catholic Schools Week we litter picked

along Grotto Place to care for our planet.

Pope Francis has asked us all to step up and take more

responsibility for the planet, to do more to protect God's

wondrous creation.

 We spotted some lovely snowdrops 

 on Grotto Place.


Creative Writing

The Accident by Jamie Maguire

One day I went to the press, where there was a whole bag of

roasted peanuts. By the way this was in my Granny and Grandad's

house. I hid under the bed and savaged the bag. About an hour

later my Dad came. Don, don, don!! He found the packet empty.

I got banned from lego for two days! (I said it was an accident!)


Hilarious Jamie!


Ard Rí na Seachtaine!!

Simply great decision makers!


We are good Christians helping those less fortunate

than ourselves. We are part of Team Hope.


Happy  Hallowe'en!

Spooky, Chalky Hallowe'en Pictures

Tuyen's menacing pumpkins!

Matthew Grehan's shrieking cat!


Wicked Writers!

Acrostic Autumn Poems

Autumn there is nothing like it

Unusual things happening in Autumn

Trees their leaves fall down

Unbelievably cold sometimes

Monster pumpkins and vampires to be

Nice or they might bite you!

     By Eoin Fitzpatrick


Awesome pumpkins

Unusual sights

Tree all brown

Unbelievable bites

Monster moons

Nothing but goodness in Autumn.

     By Michael Kennedy

Autumn - A Time for Planting Trees.

Sea of Galilee creations

We are learning about the Apostles who were fishermen.

We used nets from mandarin oranges for the fishing nets and

cardboard boxes to make the boats, masts and oars.

Maths Week 2016

We had fun counting and estimating how many steps and trees

there are in the school, measuring the yard in metres, playing

Maths games with decks of cards, like Odd Snap and more.


We are reading THE BFG and made giant ears for fun!

Roald Dahl Day

We went to The Lexicon Library in Dún Laoghaire on Tuesday

to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday!

Some of his amazing rhymes and a section of his story

The Twits were enacted.

An amazing musician had made up some songs in

praise of the genius.

RTÉ's News2Day crew happened to be there

and some of the boys ended up on the national news!

Click here to watch. 

We finished reading The Magic Finger together and now we're

reading The BFG! What an incredibly imaginative author Roald Dahl

was. Thank you Mr. Dahl for such gifts.



Report by Samuel Lambertini 

I went to The Lexicon Library. We went on the DART. Oh I 

forgot to tell you why and how I was there. I was there

because it was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday celebration. We

listened to people reading The Twits, Red Riding Hood and

a man sang a song all about Roald Dahl's stories. Oh also I 

am famous because people were pointing the camera at me!

We had a picnic along the way!


Topic - Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl Day is on Tuesday and we have been reading and thoroughly

enjoying his story The Magic Finger and Dirty Beasts, which is full of

imaginative, hilarious rhymes about animals. We wrote stories about

what happened one day when we got mad and saw red, when

our magic fingers started tingling.... hilarious! Stories to follow.....


Quentin Blake is an inspiring illustrator and his art has taught us a thing or two

this week about drawing! There is a class of budding artists to be found in 2nd!

By Rayne

By Harry


Wicked Writers

My Magic Finger  


Matthew Daly

(Based on Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger)

The day seemed to be like any other day of the school year. But it turned

out to be a little bit different.

It all started when the school bell rang.

'John, stand up and spell frog'.

'Easy, f-r-o-i'.

'You're a little brat'.

'I am not!'

Just then I felt a tingle at the tip of my finger, a burst of lightening shot out.

My teacher began to grow warts then she started to croake.

What happened next I don't want to explain. Okay then....

She began to hop around. The children burst out laughing.

My teacher, who's name was Mrs. Flinkaflop, began to grow a huge

mouth. In an instant she was a frog. The principal called The Exterminator,

he took her away to a pond and that was the last I ever heard of Mrs. Flinkaflop.