St Marys Booterstown

Irish Guide Dogs


2010 - Another successful fundraiser took place again this year for such a worthy cause. More to follow....


2009 - Fundraising for the Irish Guidedogs Association

On the twenty second of June 2009 Fiona from the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind visited our school to teach us about assistant dogs which give people with autism independence and confidence. The dog who visited us is a dog called Clive who helps a ten year old boy get around and helps him to stay calm. Clive is four years old and is a Goldendoodle which is a cross breed of a golden retriever and a poodle. Because Clive's mom was a poodle this means it does not shed it's hair. Clive's teeth have to be brushed every morning and he has to be combed for a hour a day as he gets to accompany his owners everywhere, for example on airplanes, into coffee shops and to football matches!

€370 was raised. Thank you from Mr. Mulrane.