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WEDNESDAY 30th AUGUST at 08:35. Gate opens 08:25.


School closes on FRIDAY 27th OCTOBER 14:15.
School Re-opens MONDAY 6th NOVEMBER at 08:35. 
Gate opens at 08:25.


13th November-24th November. Teachers will be in touch nearer time to organise meeting roster.


School closes at 12.00 noon Friday 22nd DECEMBER
School Re-opens Monday 8th JANUARY at 8.35am.
Gate opens at 08:25.


Monday 5th February. School Closed.


School closes FRIDAY 9th FEBRUARY at 14:15.
School Re-opens MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY at 08:35.

Gate opens at 08:25.


School closes MONDAY 18th MARCH.


School closes at 12.00 noon FRIDAY March 22nd.  
School Re-opens MONDAY 8th APRIL at 8.35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


School closed Monday 6th MAY & TUESDAY 7th MAY.
School reopens Wednesday 8th May at 08:35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


Last three weeks of May.
Monday 13th May-Friday 31st May.


School closed MONDAY 3rd & TUESDAY 4th JUNE 
School Re-opens WEDNESDAY 5th JUNE at 08:35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


School closes at 12.00 noon on Friday 28th JUNE

Details regarding Staff Training Days, First Holy Communion, Confirmation & 6th Class Graduation will be shared when we have dates.

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Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
Saturday, December 02, 2023
8:35 - 14:15

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Emma McLoughlin

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Jane Doyle

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Ronan Cregan

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Jeanne Marie Philips & Judy Doyle

This week we celebrated Science Week.  We investigated why some objects float and why some objects sink.  We tested a range of objects in our classroom.  We had to first predict what we thought would happen and give reasons for our predictions.  We then got to make our own boats out of plasticine and we tested them on Thursday.   

On Monday we saw a rainbow in a shallow dish of milk!

On Wednesday we saw an empty cola tin 'jump' from one cup into another!  The hot air from a blow dryer caused the tin to rise and 'jump' into the other cup!

On Thursday we learned about how the energy of motion from a rolling marble is transferred to a still marble. It stopped the first marble and casused the second marble to move.  What do you think happened when we rolled a marble into two still marbles?

On Friday we learned how to do a balloon trick.!  We learned how to pierce a balloon with a skewer without bursting the balloon!



During the month of November, we remember in a special way, all those who have died and gone before us.  We remember especially those we have known and loved.  On display on the stairway of our main entrance hall are candles with the names of those who were dear to us and have died.  "Eternal rest grant onto them O Lord.  May they rest in peace. Amen"


Today we presented some of the work we have been doing in class at our school assembly.  We recited two poems 'Damhain Alla ar Scoil' and 'The Witch'.  We sang a song called 'H-A double L-O-W double E-N Spells Hallowe'en' and did a dance to the music of 'Monster Mash'.  Everyone at assembly could join in with the actions for each chorus! Last week our community Garda, David, talked to us about being safe at Hallowe'en.  In Art, we did some 'Scary Woods' pictures.  Happy Halowe'en everyone!



This week we celebrated Maths Week.  On Tuesday we played 'Hit the Button' games on the Chromebooks.  In PE we played a game called Trolls.  When someone was caught by a catcher, he was given a number sentence to solve.  With the help of a buddy, he had to get the answer to the number sentence correct in order to be free!  We also had a Maths relay race, where the boys had to answer word problems.  On Friday we played a card game called 'Crazy Eights'!


This week we learned the story of 'An Madra Rua agus na Plumaí off by heart! You can see the story here: 

Here are some photos of our faces done in the style of Picasso!  We are quite proud of our work!

In science we investigated which material was best at filtering water.