Academic Calendar 2023-2024


WEDNESDAY 30th AUGUST at 08:35. Gate opens 08:25.


School closes on FRIDAY 27th OCTOBER 14:15.
School Re-opens MONDAY 6th NOVEMBER at 08:35. 
Gate opens at 08:25.


13th November-24th November. Teachers will be in touch nearer time to organise meeting roster.


School closes at 12.00 noon Friday 22nd DECEMBER
School Re-opens Monday 8th JANUARY at 8.35am.
Gate opens at 08:25.


Monday 5th February. School Closed.


School closes FRIDAY 9th FEBRUARY at 14:15.
School Re-opens MONDAY 19th FEBRUARY at 08:35.

Gate opens at 08:25.


School closes MONDAY 18th MARCH.


School closes at 12.00 noon FRIDAY March 22nd.  
School Re-opens MONDAY 8th APRIL at 8.35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


School closed Monday 6th MAY & TUESDAY 7th MAY.
School reopens Wednesday 8th May at 08:35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


Last three weeks of May.
Monday 13th May-Friday 31st May.


School closed MONDAY 3rd & TUESDAY 4th JUNE 
School Re-opens WEDNESDAY 5th JUNE at 08:35.
Gate opens at 08:25.


School closes at 12.00 noon on Friday 28th JUNE

Details regarding Staff Training Days, First Holy Communion, Confirmation & 6th Class Graduation will be shared when we have dates.

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Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
Thursday, May 23, 2024
8:35 - 14:15

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Last week we visited the DLR Lexicon to hear from kids writer Natasha Mac a'Bháird. It was a brilliant experience for the boys.


School Trip to Baldonnel

Walking through the gates for every class in St. Mary's on a Friday will always feel great, as our pupils get their well-deserved weekend off. For fifth class, though, on Friday, January 26, 2024, they were heading to Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel - and what a great experience it turned out to be!

Our class met up at 8:30 am outside Mr. Scully's office. We all awaited Mr. Cregan, Ann, and Ms. Cartwright. As everyone arrived, we got on the bus, and the excitement settled in. After about one hour, we arrived, and the big day was ahead of us.

To start off the day, we were greeted by Tadhg, Ms. Doyle's partner. To our surprise, Ms. Doyle and her son Eoghan popped down to tag along with us. First, we headed off to see two very cool helicopters. As we got in the building, we were met by John O'Connell, who would be talking to us about the EC135 P2 and the AW 139. John told us that the EC135 P2 was used for air ambulance and shooting practice, while the AW 139 is mainly used for air ambulance, being the preferred option as it seats more than the EC135 P2. To wrap up our time with John, we got to sit in both helicopters. Little did we know, this was just the beginning of many exciting things to come.

Just upon walking out of the building, we came across the fire truck. It beeped at us, then froze. The man pointed the hose at us, and for a split second, we all thought he was going to spray us. Three men stepped out and brought two helmets out along with them. "Make two lines," Mr. Cregan said, and then we all got to put the helmets on. We all got inside the fire truck, but two very lucky boys, Conor Saul and Alex O'Neil, got VIP access to go inside the fire truck.

As the fire truck set off, we went to the air traffic control. A man awaited us with a Peregrine Falcon in hand. At first, it didn't make sense, but when he started to talk, it all clicked. He told us that it was used to chase other birds off the runway to prevent collisions during take-off. He also mentioned that to call the Peregrine back, he would wave a signal in the air, and the bird would return for feeding. The last thing he told us is that a Peregrine can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, but if it were to breathe at this speed, it would die. To overcome this, it has special adaptations in its nostrils to help it breathe at such speeds. To end our time with the man, one by one, we put on a glove and got to hold the Peregrine and take a photo with it.

After that, we headed back to the bus, grabbed our bags, and went to the canteen - a cosy, warm building. As we walked in and sat down, a very kind woman offered us dilutable drinks. Scrumptious! After a 20-minute lunch break, we were back on the roll.

For our last hour, we were going to see a Casa CN 235 and the Learjet. As soon as we got into the building, the class was divided into two groups. One group would go see the Learjet, and the other group would see the Casa, then switch over. Unfortunately, the Learjet was undergoing maintenance, Tadhg said. He also explained that the Learjet’s purpose was to fly out very important people like the president, while the Casa's purpose was to ensure illegal activities weren't happening. Everyone got to go inside the cars, except two very lucky boys, James Woods and Fionn Heary, who got to go inside the Learjet. As we all regrouped, it was time to go. Just as we were about to leave, Ms. Doyle gave Mr. Cregan two customized Aerodrome shirts. Ms. Doyle chose Eoin Meagher, and Mr. Cregan would wear the other one when we got back. We got back on the bus, and we were heading back to school.

Finally, we got back to school. Mr. Cregan announced that Robin Delpont had won the other shirt. We all packed our bags, and it was time to go home.

To sum up today, we had a blast, not only enjoying ourselves to the fullest but also gaining lots of knowledge and information on this amazing site. As a class, we would like to say a massive thank you to Ms. Doyle and Tadhg for organizing this truly wonderful school tour.

Written By: Tommy Cantwell in 5th Class

As we gear up for the Christmas period, here's a brief update on the recent activities in 5th class that have kept us buzzing with excitement.

Firstly, we were honoured to welcome Countdown contestant and former student, Edward Byrne, who led engaging sessions of Countdown for our class, along with the 4th and 6th classes. It was a thrilling experience that the boys all really enjoyed.

This term has seen us fully immersed in gymnastics and swimming for our physical education. Our dedicated instructors organised dynamic sessions that the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

We had another special visitor – Dara Dempsey, a distinguished past pupil, joined us with a representative from Kilmacud Crokes. Dara shared his valuable insights and experiences playing with the club, offering a glimpse into the world of sportsmanship and dedication. The highlight was undoubtedly the display of the Men's and Women's trophies that Kilmacud Crokes proudly secured over the past year.

Finally, Tom O’ was principal for the day on Tuesday the 19th of December. He won this prize at the school Christmas fair and he did an excellent job representing the class as the honorary ‘Principal for the Day’.

As the spooky season has come to an end, St. Mary's is buzzing with excitement about the fantastic Halloween-themed activities that the boys in 5th class enjoyed. The classroom was transformed into a spooky haven, thanks to the creative efforts of Anne, Tom O'Connor, and several other boys.

The boys had a blast during two engaging art-themed lessons. In one session, they created eerie haunted mansions set against a spooky night sky. Using oil and chalk pastels, they skillfully blended vibrant colors to form a captivating night sky backdrop. Over this mysterious canvas, they added a silhouette of a spooky scene that was nothing short of impressive.

In another artistic endeavor, the students unleashed their creativity by painting their very own pumpkins, designing them in unique and imaginative ways. The results were nothing short of fantastic, showcasing the students' artistic talents and Halloween spirit.

As a grand finale before the break, the boys embarked on a thrilling adventure by participating in a spooky walk through Booterstown and Blackrock Park, all while donning their spooktacular Halloween costumes. It was conducted to raise funds for Temple Street Hospital. The initiative was a resounding success, as it raised over 300 euros for temple street hospital.




We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our "Teach Kidsz" programming course, where our students engaged in six weeks of enriching learning experiences. The course culminated in their ability to create stop animations and digital animations, which they proudly uploaded to their very own websites developed using HTML.

The boys demonstrated remarkable dedication and a keen interest in the creative possibilities of coding. Through their hard work, they were able to bring their imaginative animations to life and showcase them on their personalised websites. It was a journey filled with hands-on learning and the satisfaction of seeing their projects come to fruition.

The experience not only nurtured their technical skills but also encouraged problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Our students embraced the challenges that coding presented and demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt and experiment, resulting in innovative animations and website designs.

We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students during the "Teach Kidsz" programming course. The skills and knowledge they gained will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for their future endeavors in the world of technology and creative arts.

As we conclude this year's course, we look forward to the possibility of continuing this exciting educational journey next year. We would like to congratualte all the boys who participated, and thank the guys from "Teach Kidsz" for coming into us.