Academic Calendar 2019-2020

The School will be closed on the following dates:

October Mid-term - 1 week: Monday 28th Oct to Friday 1st Nov 2019

Christmas Holidays - 2 weeks: from Friday 22nd Dec 2019 to Friday 3rd Jan 2020

February Mid-term - 1 Week: Monday 17th Feb to Friday 21st Feb 2020

St. Patrick’s Public Holiday - 2 days: Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March 2020

Easter Holidays - 2 weeks Monday 6th to Friday 17th April 2020

Public Holiday - Monday 4th May

Public Holiday - Monday 1st June

Last day of school-year will be Friday 26th June 2020

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Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
8:50 - 14:30

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Science experiment on sugary foods and drink.
On the last day before the Halloween break, the boys in sixth class carried out a science experiment which involved the prediction, measurement and evaluation of the amount of sugar present in a variety of food and drinks they consume.
In groups, they were given a guided discovery science experiment procedure, one item of food and one can/bottle of drink.
Each group had to estimate the amount of sugar contained in each of their items. After, using the food/drink label and their mathematical ability, they measured the true amount of sugar(grams) contained in the items and stored the sugar in freezer bags.
They also researched some important information about healthy diets and why too much sugar is dangerous for our health.
Finally, each group presented their results and food projects to the class. Some of the results really shocked the pupils, which prompted them to think about their food choices and sugar consumption. We all learned a lot of information about the sugar present in the food and drink we consume.

Process of the Investigation