Academic Calendar 2020-2021

The School will be closed on the following dates:

October Mid-term - 1 week: Monday 26th to Friday 30th October 2020

Christmas Holidays - 2 weeks: from Wednesday 23rd Dec 2020 to Tuesday 5th Jan 2021

February Mid-term - 1 Week: Monday 15th Feb to Friday 19th Feb 2021

St. Patrick’s Public Holiday -  Wednesday 17th March 2021

Easter Holidays - 2 weeks Monday 29th March to Friday 9th April 2021

May Holiday - Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th May 2021

June Holiday - Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June

Last day of school-year will be Wednesday 30th June 2021

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Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
Saturday, June 12, 2021
8:50 - 14:30

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We had been learning about compost and the importance that worms play in creating it. After this we decided to create our own worm farm!
First we went outside and collected some worms for our wormy. We found worms by the obstacle course and put them in with dirt and dead leaves. We put layers of sand in between the layers of dirt so that we can track them as they move. A special thanks to Fionn Ó Cléirigh who suggested this and told me where to get the farm!
Paul Sheeran also made his own using a glass Jar from home. It is important to also make a cover for it if you are doing this from home as the worms do not enjoy sun light and to poke some air holes in the top.