Academic Calendar 2022-2023




School closes on FRIDAY 28th OCTOBER @ 2.15 p.m.
School Re-opens MONDAY 7th NOVEMBER


Dates & times will be confirmed by the class teacher nearer the time in November


School closes at 12.00 noon WEDNESDAY 21st DECEMBER 
School Re-opens THURSDAY 5th JANUARY


School closed MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY


School closes FRIDAY 10th FEBRUARY @ 2.15pm
School Re-opens MONDAY 20th FEBRUARY


School closed FRIDAY 17th MARCH
Reopens MONDAY 20th MARCH


School closes @ 12.00 noon FRIDAY 31st MARCH
School Re-opens MONDAY 17th APRIL


School closed MONDAY 1st MAY
School Re-opens TUESDAY 2nd MAY


Last two weeks of May
It is important the boys attend school these weeks


School closed MONDAY 5th & TUESDAY 6th JUNE
School Re-opens WEDNESDAY 7th JUNE


School closes at 12.00 noon FRIDAY 30th JUNE

Details regarding First Holy Communion, Confirmation & 6th Class Graduation will be advised.


Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
Sunday, August 07, 2022
8:35 - 14:15

School & Class News

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Dear 6th class of 2021-2022 

What an incredible last couple of years for you all to have come through safely, soundly and with such strong self-resilience. This alone, is a great testament, to the great team that you are and how you have bonded so much as a class in your final year in Saint Mary’s. 

Saint Mary’s re-opened up its doors to you all in September 2021 to welcome you all into one 6th class. Covid-19 was still around, but we were very fortunate to keep our pods and bubbles open and not have to resort to remote learning again. It was fantastic to resume with in-person teaching and learning on a long-term basis  and begin to see you all flourish in your final year. 

It has been a great pleasure to have observed your work and commitment. We have, in awe, seen the broad variety of creative, independent, child centred and stimulating teaching and learning activities you have done in class.

These were guided by your brilliant teacher Mr Eoin DePaor.

Once lockdown restrictions began to decrease and places opened up again you were very enthusiastic in embracing all the outdoors and indoors had to offer you. You kayaked on the Liffey. You went on a guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery. You visited the WW1 and WW2 Military Museum. You had you Service of Light and made your Confirmation. You submitted your great “Easter Extravaganza” idea to the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. You initiated the Student Council’s “Kahoot Quiz, and monthly “Joke Days”. You represented Saint Mary’s with such great sportsmanship and success on our Gaelic football, hurling, soccer and tennis teams. You also directed and compered our Coicís Na Gaeilge “Taispeántas Sa Chlos” where we heartily welcomed back parents and grandparents to Saint Mary’s after nearly two years absence. You were instrumental in helping fundraise €2,400 for the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal-an amazing achievement. You were wonderful ambassadors for Saint Mary’s looking after our Erasmus+ guests from Finland, Greece and Wales. They were extremely impressed by your maturity, politeness, affability and kindness. 

You have been a fantastic class, a class full of personality, innovation, creativity, resilience, purpose, warmth, kindness and good humour.

Life now takes you all to a different and exciting stage.

Secondary school. A real game changer. New subjects and teachers. Timetables to follow. Schedules to keep. Deadlines. New learning experiences.

New friendships to discover. Old friendships to maintain.

New feelings of brimming self-confidence. New feelings of self-doubt. Body changes.

A move towards becoming more independent. Still needing guidance and reassurance along the way.

Keeping it all in balance-a challenging and complex adventure, yet an exciting adventure to be embraced to the full.

Finally, I say to you all; 

Smile often. 

Laugh a lot.

Laugh hard. 

Hug often. 

Cry when you need to.

Say please. 

Say thanks. 

A little kindness goes a long way. 

Listen to others.

Think of others. 

Pray for others.

Reach out to others who need you. 

Help others.

Ask for help when needed.

Share your concerns and anxieties with others. 


Experience and embrace different cultures, languages, foods and places.

Even if you don’t come first in what you do, take pride in what you do.

Make new friends.

Support your friends. Disagree with your friends. Apologise to your friends. 

Keep your friends.

Be thankful to your parents and family.

Tell your parents and family you love them often.

Return the love, kindness and support you have been given. 

Make the most of your life. 

Ensure when you look back, you know you gave it your best shot.

In closing, I wish each and every one of you all the best during the very exciting times ahead of you. 

Remember you are always more than welcome to come back to visit us in Saint Mary’s, sit with us and share your journey and your newly discovered nuggets of wisdom. 

All in Saint Mary’s look forward to seeing, hearing and sharing the new adventures life brings to you. 

Take care. God Bless.

Rath Dé Oraibh go Léir. 

Noel Scully.