Academic Calendar 2019-2020

The School will be closed on the following dates:

October Mid-term - 1 week: Monday 28th Oct to Friday 1st Nov 2019

Christmas Holidays - 2 weeks: from Friday 22nd Dec 2019 to Friday 3rd Jan 2020

February Mid-term - 1 Week: Monday 17th Feb to Friday 21st Feb 2020

St. Patrick’s Public Holiday - 2 days: Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th March 2020

Easter Holidays - 2 weeks Monday 6th to Friday 17th April 2020

Public Holiday - Monday 4th May

Public Holiday - Monday 1st June

Last day of school-year will be Friday 26th June 2020

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Grotto Place, Booterstown, Co. Dublin A94 AC97
8:50 - 14:30
We welcomed Mr. Conor Cormican to our SET team, and welcomed back Ms. Gillesa O’Shea
Initial work has involved facilitating test analysis, classroom observation and building pupil profiles detailing each child’s abilities and needs. This information will be the baseline upon which we will then build an individual profile and learning programme in consultation with parents and primary educators, with classroom teachers, Special Needs Assistants and other relevant agencies.
Enable Ireland speech and language therapists facilitated a workshop on “Lamh” communication system to teachers and SNAs as part of our CPD response to pupils’ needs.

A Folens Specialist delivered a CPD workshop on the Starlight literacy programme to all staff. The programme is new for 3rd-6th class)

Reading Eggs and EducationCity online support materials are up and running.